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Madison + Green

Madison + Green Aromatherapy (5 to pick from)

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These unique aromatherapy inhalers are perfect for everyday use... each jar is filled with organic essential oils, inspired by medicinal French aromatherapy, and aromatic spices inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. All oil blends are formulated by a clinical aromatherapist. 

At Your Desk - Focus boosting inhaler - Use while working or studing. Reduces stress, soothes and calms the mind, improves concentration and multi-tasking.

Mom's Me Time - Designed for new moms - Reduces stress related to physical discomfort, helps relieve baby blues and overwhelmedness, and worries, soothes, comforts and refreshes, safe for all adults including those who are pregnant

Need Sleep - Insomnia relief inhaler - Reduces stress related to anxiety, insomnia and nervousness, comforts and relaxes the mind, promotes peacefulness

While Driving - Stress relief inhaler - for commutes, road trips, and evenings to help relieve tiredness, irritability, and frustration, decreases symptoms of motion sickness, stimulates, soothes and energizes the mind

Yoga & Meditation - Spiritual inhaler - use before, during and after yoga or meditation, reduces stress, promotes mindfulness and peacefulness, centers the mind


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