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Christmas At Market with a B.

At MWAB, the Christmas season is something we start planning months in advance. It is so important to us that we help our customers create warm, inviting homes they love... and at the holidays, this is more important than ever!

Attending the Atlanta gift shows each year is something we really look forward too. This is when we get to see what the trends will be for next Christmas! Of course, there are a few no-brainers... like Thymes' Frasier Fir home fragrance line ... a Christmas must-have! We can never get enough of that fresh fir tree scent! But, the thing we most look forward to is finding something so special and unique that our creativity is ignited and we see a vision of what next Christmas at MWAB will look like!

During last year's trip to the July 2018 show, we couldn't help noticing that snowflakes were a reoccurring theme, and that a more simplistic approach to holiday decorating was the trend. Lots of white lights, shiny ornaments, and silver tinsel trees were everywhere! This is what inspired our "Let your light Shine" window design. With some help from YouTube, we created giant 3-dimentional snowflakes out of printer paper. These snowflakes, along with lighted silver tinsel trees, and a big galvanized weathervane created a display that was fun, unique and inviting! The weathervane wasn’t nearly as grand as Magnolia’s enormous silos in Waco, Texas, but it gave plenty of farmhouse charm. 

As important as setting a festive holiday mood at the shop is, our gift selection is our main focus. Every year we try to come up with something new to help our customers with their Christmas lists. We try to cover all the bases so our customers can easily come in and find something for everyone on their list. This year, we put together a series of gift boxes that can be shipped anywhere in the US. The Spa Box and The Boss Box have been really big hits with the local businesses. We loved hand-delivering a few as a personal thank you for shopping with us. Stay tuned for our upcoming The Happy Birthday Box! 

It's been a great holiday this year! Full of laughter, friends and dear neighbors coming in to give their support. We are so grateful to everyone for allowing us to try to inspire you, because you all have inspired us! 

Merry Christmas!

With Love,

Market with a B.







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